Sauvignon Blanc 2018

**** Awarded 4 stars by Platter.

Crisp with a refreshing minerality, gently softened by light fruity flavours. A lively and full bodied Sauvignon Blanc that will pair well with your favourite dishes!

Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle

Winemaker's Notes


85% Sauvignon Blanc 15% Semillon

Bottling date

June 2018

No. of bottles

22 560 x 750ml


  • Alcohol . . . 13 VOL%
    Sugar . . . 1.5 G/L
  • Total Acid . . . 5.9 G/L
    Volatile Acidity . . . 0.39 G/L
  • pH . . . 3.40
    Total SO2 . . . 112 mg/l
  • Free SO2 . . . 40 mg/l


The lead up to the 2018 vintage was one of the driest winters on record, and there was a decrease in volume across the board for wineries in the Western Cape.

Thanks to our more textured valley soils, the vines didn’t struggle with quality, although we did have a 30% decrease in volume in our older blocks. All our vines are unirrigated, which can actually be useful in drier years, as the roots are more established, and less sensitive to changes in the season.

With this in mind, you can expect to find a higher concentration of flavour in the 2018 wine. We were lucky that our Semillon was ready to be harvested for the first time, along with another young block of Sauvignon which turned out amazing, and this helped us to get our volumes to just slightly higher than last year.

The Semillon really adds a roundness to the wine, which doesn’t take anything away from the tropical/citrus character of the wine and helps to let us release the wine by September.


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